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SDS Authoring & Distribution

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Creazione e distribuzione di SDS

Efficiently create and manage your documents every step of the way to keep your safety data up-to-date and accessible.

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    Reports in 56+ Languages

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    Solutions for Global GHS Regulations

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    Integrated Regulatory Content

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    Track Product Updates

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    Store and Archive SDSs

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    Efficiently Distribute On-demand, Up-to-date SDSs

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    Centralized Access to Existing SDSs


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    SDS & Labels Authoring

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    Substance Volume Tracking

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    Waste Management

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    Poison Centre Notification

Key Features

Make the Right Choice for Safety Data Sheets (SDS) & Labels Authoring with ExESS

Lisam’s PubliChem is Your Solution for SDS Distribution, Versioning and Management.

Distribute your SDS and safety documents to your customers through a fully automated process. Our solutions helps you manage document versions and updates to ensure your documents are always up-to-date. With Lisam, your customers can have direct access to your published documents, ensuring 24/7 access to critical safety information.