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29 November 2023

ECHA Report on Risks Associated with PVC and PVC Additives

On November 22nd, ECHA published the report of its investigation into PVC and PVC additives which, highlights potential risks to human health and the environment. ⚠️📋  

The study, initiated based on a request by the European Commission, focused on 63 PVC additives such as plasticisers, heat stabilisers, and flame retardants.

👉 Key findings suggest regulatory actions are necessary to minimize risks associated with certain ortho-phthalates, heat stabilising organotins, and emissions of flame retardants. The report also recommends implementing and improving technologies to reduce PVC microparticle emissions, contributing to the fight against plastic pollution.

The European Commission will now need to assess the findings to determine if a REACH restriction proposal from ECHA is required, aligning with the EU’s Plastics Strategy and commitment to reducing plastic pollution.

ℹ️ This evaluation process aligns with the broader objectives of the EU’s Plastics Strategy and the commitment to reducing plastic pollution as outlined in the United Nations’ Environment Programme (UNEP). The regulatory steps and assessments aim to ensure the responsible management of PVC additives, promoting environmental sustainability and human health.

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