New CLH Intentions & Proposals - Lisam

10 October 2022

New CLH Intentions & Proposals

ECHA announces new intentions and proposals to harmonize the classification and labelling of four substances. The Netherlands has submitted an intention for cinnamaldehyde (EC 203-213-9, CAS 104-55-2).  The Agency has also received three new proposals from Sweden for:

·   calcium metaborate (Ca(BO2)2) and calcium tetraborate (CaB4O7), amorphous reaction products of boric acid with lime (EC 701-311-0, CAS -);


·   pentaboron sodium octaoxide (EC 234-522-7, CAS 12007-92-0);


·   boric acid (HBO2), sodium salt, tetrahydrate (EC 600-663-1, CAS 10555-76-7).


ECHA encourages anyone to share relevant information to the dossier submitter regarding the identity or hazardous properties of the concerned substances.

Open the Registry of CLH intentions at: