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21 February 2024

South Korea Regulatory Updates!

📢 K-REACH updates! 🌏

In a move towards safer chemical management, South Korea’s National Assembly green-lighted amendments to the Chemical Substance Registration and Evaluation Act, known as K-REACH, on January 9, 2024.

Key changes 📈

  • Tonnage: the notification level for new chemical substances has been increased to “below 1t/y” from the previous “below 0.1t/y”.
  • Substances disclosure: more information will now be disclosed about new chemical substances below 1tpa, including the use of generic names for CBI substances.
  • Registration & Evaluation: any new chemical substance below the 1t/y threshold will undergo a cautious review and be considered hazardous until proven safe.
  • Substances categorization: harmful substances will be classified into three categories based on their danger profile (Acute toxicity, Chronic toxicity and Ecotoxicity).

Implementation Timeline
As of today, no compliance date was disclosed.

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