Updated Recommendations on Registration Dossiers - Lisam

7 March 2022

Updated Recommendations on Registration Dossiers

ECHA has updated its recommendations to registrants to help them improve their registration dossiers, based on observations during compliance checks and following recent changes in information requirements under REACH.

They also added more advice on using read-across and weight of evidence.

Registrants should check the latest recommendations and make their dossiers comply with the information requirements.

371 compliance checks were conducted by ECHA in 2021, covering more than 2100 dossiers and 341 substances. These tests resulted in 280 draft decisions requesting more data to clarify long-term effects on human health and the environment.

Download below the list of substances evaluated in 2021 :


ℹ️ To the full article: https://echa.europa.eu/-/how-to-make-your-registration-fulfil-reach-information-requirements