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ExESS – Lisam’s SDS Authoring Software for Global SDS Compliance

Get ready to transform your SDS Authoring Experience with ExESS.
Accurate & eased Safety Data Sheets authoring, streamlined compliance processes and global regulatory coverage for operational excellence.

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Generate unlimited documents with ExESS:

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  1. 01Address the specificities of over 20 GHS regions, including: the EU, the UK, the US, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Russia, and more.
  1. 02Navigate diverse SDS formats with ease thanks to our multiregional views and calculations.

Integrated Content Database & Regulatory Lists

Access a vast product library for accurate and efficient SDS authoring based on official regulatory lists and their latest available updates.

  • REACH Candidate List
  • UK REACH Authorisation List
  • TSCA Chemical Inventory Lists
  • REACH Annex VI List
  • EuPCS
  • BIG Substances Database
  • And more

Leverage our library of over 100,000 Industry phrases translated in 50+ languages including hazard statements, precautionary statements or proper shipping names.

Stay informed about exposure risks with our database of occupational exposure limit (OEL) values.

Expert Support for Global Compliance:

  • Access our team of global regulatory experts for guidance and assistance.
  • Ensure your SDS documents align with the latest requirements of each region.

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Elevate your compliance game with LISAM’s ExESS – the complete SDS authoring solution. ExESS is more than just an SDS authoring tool; it’s a comprehensive solution that empowers your organization to navigate the complexities of compliance and SDS authoring seamlessly.

ExESS: Empowered SDS authoring, seamless compliance and operational efficiency.

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